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classical kids.

Meet KVNO's 2010 Classical Kids

KVNO thanks the Soener Foundation for their support of the award-winning Classical Kids program.


Emma Johanningsmeier was KVNO’s Classical Kid for the month of January 2010. Emma, a 13-year-old pianist, attends Westside Middle School. At her first competition, the District Music Festival, she received a Superior rating. Since then, Emma has enjoyed competing. Her favorite activity is reading, especially the Harry Potter series. She also enjoys listening to Classical 90.7 KVNO because it helps her think.


February 2010’s Classical Kid is KVNO fan and pianist, Vijay Menon. Vijay, a 9-year-old student at Brownell-Talbot School, said the Peru Piano Extravaganza was his most memorable musical experience. His diligent practice enabled him to perform well for the event. In his free time, Vijay loves to sing and play in the snow, and says he likes music with spirit.


Vivian Park was the Classical Kid for March 2010. Vivian, an 8-year-old pianist, attends Leonard Lawrence Elementary School in Bellevue. She said winning her first trophy at the Nebraska Summer Music Olympics was a very rewarding experience. Her many interests include swimming, drawing, knitting and writing stories. Vivian loves to listen to KVNO for the soothing music.


Lukas McIlhaney, a 13-year-old student at Wahoo Middle School, was the April 2010 Classical Kid. Lukas plays the piano and flute, and practices in an old art studio in downtown Wahoo. Lukas also likes to draw, which he said is challenging and expressive like music. He enjoys KVNO because it is the only classical music station that plays a variety of composers from different eras.


Violinist and pianist, 9-year-old JaeHyun Lim was the May/June 2010 Classical Kid. JaeHyun is a student at Cavett Elementary School in Lincoln. He said he is impressed by pianist George Winston’s technique of plucking the strings from inside the piano. Baseball and reading are among JaeHyun’s favorite activities. JaeHyun listens to KVNO for the great classical music.


The July/August 2010 KVNO Classical Kid was 9-year-old Caine Olson, a student at Adams Elementary School in Lincoln. Not only does Caine play the piano, violin, and chimes, he also sings and dances. He enjoyed performing in “The Nutcracker Ballet” at the Lied Center for Performing Arts in Lincoln. Caine’s other interests include taekwondo, Cub Scouts and baseball. He listens to KVNO and favors fast-paced classical music.


Kristen Sumrell was KVNO’s Classical Kid for September 2010. A 13-year-old student at Trinity Christian School, Kristen plays the piano and oboe. She sang on stage during Opera Omaha’s production of “La Bohème” and said she felt overwhelmed by the beautiful voices. She said she also loves ballet for its graceful movements and music. Kristen relaxes to Classical 90.7 KVNO in the morning and while doing her afternoon homework.



KVNO's October 2010 Classical Kid was 11-year-old Leah Park, a student at Bellevue’s Leonard Lawrence Elementary School. Leah plays the piano and sings, and her favorite composer is Beethoven. She said she was inspired to play the piano by her mother playing Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” Besides music, Leah enjoys swimming and reading. She likes listening to the great classical music on KVNO.



Pianist Sophia Pribus was KVNO’S Classical Kid for November 2010. An 8-year-old Brownell-Talbot student, Sophia says winning a trophy at the Nebraska Summer Music Olympics was one of her nicest experiences. She said she enjoys reading because it allows her to use her imagination. Sophia dances with the Nebraska Dance team and said she loves listening to KVNO for the instrumental music.


Abigail-December Pianist and flautist, 12-year-old Abigail Simmons rounded out 2010 as KVNO’s Classical Kid for December. Abigail is home-schooled and loves her blue-ribbon winning horses. She said that the KVNO and Omaha Performing Arts presentation of “From the Top” in May 2009 was the best concert she ever attended. When asked why she listens to KVNO, Abigail said, “Is there any other station? Classical 90.7 KVNO plays the best music of all!”