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classical kids.

Meet KVNO's 2011 Classical Kids

KVNO thanks the Soener Foundation for their support of the award-winning Classical Kids program.



Elizabeth Matthews, a 13-year-old pianist and student at St. Margaret Mary’s School, is KVNO’s first Classical Kid of 2011 for the month of January. Elizabeth said her most memorable musical experience was a trip to Austria with her piano teacher where she studied at the Carinthia International Piano Academy and visited Mozart’s birthplace. She enjoys participating in team sports, going to movies and international travel. Elizabeth said she enjoys listening to KVNO because “it helps me learn about various composers.” Listen to KVNO's interview with Elizabeth:

Rachel Hall


February’s Classical Kid is Brownell-Talbot student Rachel Hall , who plays the violin. Eleven year-old Rachel recalls performing at the Holland Performing Arts Center as the principal violinist for the Omaha Area Youth Orchestra, which she describes as “scary and exciting all at the same time." In addition to music, she loves to watch and play volleyball. She is a KVNO fan and listens while doing her homework. Listen to KVNO's interview with Rachel:



Jenna Lee is KVNO’s Classical Kid for March. A 13-year-old, she plays the piano and French horn, and is in the choir. Jenna attends Papillion Junior High School. A recent memorable musical experience was her participation in the Omaha Children’s Musical Festival, where she was “euphoric” after being awarded a "superior" rating and a medal. Jenna’s favorite activity other than music is reading, and the list of classical literature she has read is extensive. Her musical taste is varied but she says she loves KVNO because “you can’t find as much variety at a rock station,” and she wants to hear music she may get to play.

Victoria Nikonov


April’s Classical Kid is pianist Victoria Nikonov. A 10-year-old student at Alice Buffett Middle School, a recent memorable experience was her participation in the District Piano Festival, where she received an “outstanding 1+” rating. Victoria also attended Cinderella the ballet in Moscow, Russia, where the orchestra was "magnificent." She also likes science, drawing and writing stories. She enjoys KVNO and likes to pretend the music is telling her a story. Listen to KVNO's interview with Victoria:

Alina Hatfield


Pianist Alina Hatfield is KVNO’s Classical Kid for May. An 8-year-old student at Picotte Elementary School, she got her first trophy for her “1 rating” and certificate of distinction at the 2010 Nebraska Summer Music Olympics. Alina likes to read, swim and ice skate. She listens to KVNO to hear new classical music. Listen to KVNO's interview with Alina:

Brigit Geiver


June’s Classical Kid is Brigit Geiver, an 8-year-old pianist who attends Lewis and Clark Elementary School in Council Bluffs. She loved performing at Joslyn Art Museum for the Big Gig 2010 because it was inspiring to play right next to all the beautiful art. Brigit also enjoys crafting, drawing and caring for her three dogs, cat and guinea pig. She is encouraged by KVNO’s music and says it helps her dream of her musical future. Listen to KVNO's interview with Brigit:

Karoline Ford


Nine-year-old Karoline Ford is July’s Classical Kid and will turn 10 this month. She is a pianist and student at Rumsey Station Elementary School. Earning a trophy and certificate of distinction at her first competition, the 2010 Nebraska Summer Music Olympics, motivated Karoline. She likes the music that is played on KVNO because is inspires her to hear pieces by great composers and pianists.

Monica Swenson


KVNO’s August Classical Kid is 14 year-old Monica Swenson, who was 13 when selected. A cellist, Monica attends Russell Middle School. She says the Omaha Area Youth Orchestra concert at the Holland Performing Arts Center was the most fun she ever had performing. Monica enjoys writing fiction and making movies with her brother because it is fun to make a movie look as professional as possible. She enjoys listening to KVNO in the car and dislikes “new music."

Anna Domet


Anna Domet is September’s Classical Kid. She is a 13-year-old pianist and violinist who is an eighth grader at St. Cecilia Cathedral Grade School. She was inspired to return to playing the violin by an orchestra concert. Anna enjoys ballet because of the beautiful movements. She listens to KVNO because she enjoys the relaxing music.

Pete Fucinaro


October’s Classical Kid is 14-year-old Pete Fucinaro, who was 13 when selected and is a student at St. James/Seton School. He plays the alto saxophone, violin, and electric and acoustical guitars. Pete enjoyed playing at the Holland Performing Arts Center with the Omaha Area Youth Orchestra Conservatory Orchestra. His favorite piece at the concert was Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. He also had the opportunity to play solos in a jazz concert. Pete also plays football, baseball and basketball. He listens to KVNO in the car with his mother and hopes to be able to play some of the music he hears.

Emily Nielsen


Central Middle School student Emily Nielsen is the November Classical Kid. A 14-year-old who was 13 when selected, she plays the piano, baritone and she is a vocalist. Emily loves to surprise her piano teacher by practicing hard to learn new pieces very quickly. She also loves to read because the books “take her so many places.” Emily listens to KVNO for the large variety of music, which she finds relaxing.

Christoper Lin


Christopher Lin is December’s Classical Kid. He is 8 years old, attends Brownell-Talbot School and plays the piano. Christopher fondly recalls the 2010 Omaha Conservatory of Music Institute, where he thoroughly enjoyed the music composition class, where he could write his own music and hear it played on the piano. In addition to music, he loves to make and draw things out of anything he can find. He has plans to make wings from plastic. Asked why he likes KVNO, Christopher says, “First of all, the songs are really cool. Secondly, it’s my town’s only classical music channel!”