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classical kids.

Meet KVNO's 2013 Classical Kids

KVNO thanks the Soener Foundation for their support of the award-winning Classical Kids program.
Wesley Chong
Wesley Chong
KVNO’s Classical Kid for January is 12-year-old pianist Wesley Chong. Wesley also is learning to play clarinet, likes to listen to jazz, and listens to KVNO to enjoy all of the “nice Classical music.” His proudest music memory was receiving the top rating at the Nebraska Summer Music Olympics. Outside of music, Wesley enjoys chess, taekwondo, and basketball. Cindy Wang
Windy Wang
The KVNO Classical Kid for February is 10-year-old Cindy Wang. She attends Hitchcock Elementary and plays piano, violin, and flute. Cindy also enjoys soccer, swimming, gymnastics, and ice skating. Her other hobbies include Chinese dancing, Kung Fu, and making duct tape crafts, and she listens to KVNO to relax.  Her proudest music memory was her first piano performance when she was just six years old. She says she was very excited and left the stage smiling.
Anna Niemoth
Anna Niemoth
The KVNO Classical Kid for the month of March is 12-year-old Anna Niemoth. Anna attends the Niemoth School for Girls and plays piano and percussion. She also accompanies the Louisville Middle School and High School choirs along with the Lofte Theater Summer Student Program. She enjoys reading because it takes her “to other places and time periods” and she listens to KVNO to get lost in the music. Meera Nair
Meera Nair
KVNO’s April Classical Kid is 11-year-old Brownell Talbot student Meera Nair. Meera studies piano at the Omaha Conservatory of Music, plays violin in her school orchestra, and sings in the choir. She has played in the Omaha Area Youth Orchestra Honors Orchestra and received a superior rating in the state festival. In her free time Meera likes to read, write, make movies, and play sudoku. Meera also enjoys ballet and traditional dance from Southern India, because both are expressive and tell a story.
Ian Hill
Ian Hill
KVNO’s May Classical Kid is 14-year-old Ian Hill. Ian plays trombone and attends Beverage Magnet School, where his favorite subjects are science and math. Ian attended last summer’s UNO Jazz Clinic where he studied with and played alongside top professional musicians. Ian also enjoys acting and has performed at the Omaha Community Playhouse and Creighton University. He listens to KVNO to learn more about music and to become a well-rounded musician. Abby New
Abby New
KVNO’s June Classical Kid is 12-year-old Abbey New. Abbey plays piano at church and enjoys reading books about history. Her favorite musical memory was winning a trophy at the Nebraska Summer Music Olympics. She listens to KVNO because it helps her relax and focus.
Anita Zhou
Anita Zhou
The KVNO Classical Kid for July is 13-year-old Anita Zhou. Anita plays the piano and attends Millard North Middle School. She won first place at a junior piano competition and enjoys watching anime for the intricate artwork and beautiful music. Lucy Tu
Lucy Tu
11-year-old Lucy Tu is the Classical Kid for the month of August. She will attend Millard North Middle School and plays piano, violin, flute, and sings. Her favorite musical memory was receiving the top rating at a music competition. Lucy loves to write, and connects writing to her performing. She says, “Every musical piece has a story.”
Anastasia Wilson
Anastasia Wilson
September’s Classical Kid is 11-year-old Anastasia Wilson. She plays piano in recitals and competitions, and cello in the Omaha Area Youth Orchestra. Anastasia also loves to dance and has performed in the Nutcracker. She says she listens to KVNO because the music “completely changes who I am.” Luke Miles
Luke Miles
11-year old Luke Miles is the KVNO Classical Kid for October. Luke started playing piano at the age of four. He also plays percussion in the band at Brownell-Talbot school. Luke loves to read and listens to KVNO to relax.
Arjun Maudhoo
Arjun Maudhoo
Our KVNO Classical Kid for November is 13-year old Arjun Maudhoo. He attends Russell Middle School and plays violin in the school orchestra. He also performs with Omaha Area Youth Orchestra and plays piano. His proudest musical memory was playing a solo with the Omaha Symphony. Arjun likes to read and enjoys KVNO because he “only listens to classical music.” Claire Bouma
Claire Bouma
KNVO’s Classical Kid for December is ten-year-old Claire Bouma. Claire has been playing piano since the age of four, attends Harrison Elementary where she also plays cello and hand bells. Claire’s most memorable musical experience was receiving her first trophy. She listens to KVNO because it is calming, and especially enjoys Beethoven and Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker.”