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classical kids.

Meet KVNO's 2014 Classical Kids

KVNO thanks the Soener Foundation for their support of the award-winning Classical Kids program.

KVNO’s Classical Kid for January (2014) is 13-year-old Laurel Hughes. Laurel plays piano, flute, and penny whistle, and enjoys making music with her sisters. She also plays tennis, volleyball, and basketball, and collects stamps and foreign coins. Laurel listens to KVNO to learn more about composers and especially likes “The Piano Puzzler” on “Performance Today.”

KVNO’s February Classical Kid is 13-year-old pianist Grant Cai. Grant attends Westside Middle and is very competitive, participating in music festivals, football, and robotics team. He also likes to read and draw comics.

The KVNO Classical Kid for March is 9-year-old pianist Alyssa Batcheler. Alyssa favorite part of music making is provoking emotional reactions in the audience. She also competes in music competitions and recently won a trophy at the Nebraska Summer Music Olympics. Alyssa attends Brownell-Talbot and enjoys art, singing, and writing stories.

April’s KVNO Classical Kid is 14-year-old Millard North Middle School student Jenna Mu. Jenna plays piano, violin, and guitar, and her favorite musical memory was singing at a Chinese New Year Festival when she was just 6 years old. She also loves to paint because she can control the movement on the canvas and add her own colors.

KVNO’s May Classical Kid 10-year-old Aldrich Elementary student Anjali Jayan. She plays piano, loves to sing and dance, and plays cello in her school orchestra. Anjali says she loves music because it always makes her happier and that she would be bored without it. Anjali is a Girl Scout, has a blue belt in Taekwondo, and loves to read in her spare time.
Hope Nothelfer

The KVNO Classical Kid for June is 11-year-old Alexis Hope Nothelfer. Alexis plays piano and studies at the Omaha Conservatory of Music. Her favorite musical experience was winning a recent music competition. She also enjoys singing, playing soccer, and reading.

KVNO’s July Classical Kid is 12-year-old Ariana Ruiz. Ariana attends Beveridge Middle school and plays violin, cello, and double bass. She studies at the Omaha Conservatory, performs with the Omaha Area Youth Orchestras, and was really excited to compete in her first String Olympics. Outside of music, Ariana likes to read, draw, swim, and do Taekwondo.

The KVNO Classical Kid for August is 13-year-old Anya Pavlova. Anya attends Kiewit Middle School and the Omaha Conservatory, plays piano, and loves to sing. She also enjoys dance, likes to travel, and was excited to perform at the Holland Center. She listens to KVNO because it’s relaxing, calming, and “a nice break” from other stations.

KVNO’s September Classical Kid is 10-year-old Aldrich Elementary student Nathan Liu. Nathan plays piano and started learning violin so he could join the school orchestra. He is proud of his performance at District Music Contest, where he overcame his nerves and received a top score and a medal! Nathan also loves to play soccer and enjoyed watching the World Cup. He also likes to read, play video games, and swim competitively.

The KVNO Classical Kid for October is 10-year-old Rohwer Elementary student Abby Gilreath. Abby plays piano and frequently participates in festivals and competitions. She also plays violin, sings, and enjoys ballet, jazz, and tap dancing. Outside of music she likes to draw and write poetry. Abby often listens to KVNO during family family time on weekends.

KVNO’s November Classical Kid is 11-year-old Joseph Zhong. Joseph attends Millard North Middle School and plays the violin. He really enjoyed performing with the Omaha Symphony on last year’s “Christmas Spectacular” and his favorite composer is Tchaikovsky, saying his music “can be both energetic and soothing.” Outside of music Joseph enjoys swimming and reading, and when he grows up he wants to be an engineer. He listens to KVNO to learn more about music and to unwind at day’s end.

The KVNO Classical Kid for December is 8-year-old Emma Nothelfer. Emma studies piano at the Omaha Conservatory and her favorite musical memory was performing a duet with her sister, Alexis - another Classical Kid! Emma also loves to play basketball and spend time outside with friends.