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By Gabriel Escalera

Benson Theatre: A Hub for Community and Artistic Collaboration

May 31st, 2024

Benson Theatre has embraced its role as a cornerstone of the Omaha community by offering an affordable and accessible space for all. The theatre serves as an inclusive gathering place where diverse groups can connect through artistic experiences, supporting local nonprofits and artists in their mission to educate and entertain.

Maddie Radcliff, Deputy Director for Benson Theatre, is dedicated to nurturing the artistic communities in Benson and beyond. This commitment is evident in the theatre’s recent collaboration with Circle Theater, an organization that provides a creative space for individuals of all abilities. Fran Silou, executive and artistic director of Circle Theater, began his professional theater career 25 years ago but has been acting since the age of three.

Theater collaborations, including those between Benson Theatre and Circle Theater, are expanding beyond Omaha. Radcliff and Silou hint at more joint efforts on the horizon.

For more information about programming and educational opportunities, visit: Benson Theater