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Meet the Voices

One of KVNO’s greatest strengths is the team of talented, dedicated individuals you hear on the air. Many of our hosts are active performing artists, educators, and experienced broadcasters. They know classical music and live right here in Omaha, something that is rare in radio today.

Other Team Members

There are a few other people who complete the KVNO team. You may not hear them on the air, but we wouldn’t be KVNO without them.

Read Our Musings

In case you missed it: we created a blog to share our thoughts with you! The Scherzo (by definition a “vigorous, light or playful composition”), will cover a variety of topics from all of KVNO’s on-air hosts. Every two weeks, you can expect a new post on anything from classical music to arts and culture in Omaha — and Otis Twelve will occasionally entertain us with his thoughts on the oddities of life.

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