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Katrina Naraine


Host of Nocturnes

Host of Nocturnes

My musical journey began when I was 6. Curiosity led to figuring out how to play a few pieces on my grandfather’s piano. Around the same time, free Suzuki lessons were being offered in school so I jumped on that opportunity. When fourth grade came around, my grandfather offered me his old clarinet when it was time to start learning band instruments. My intense curiosity led me to learning any instrument that I could get my hands on. Throughout middle and high school, I became a “musical chimera”, playing and performing in any ensemble I could: tuba and bass guitar for marching band, many combinations of woodwinds and brass for pep bands, baritone sax for jazz ensembles and competitions, and various brass, woodwinds and strings for wind ensembles and orchestras. During those years I had discovered the bassoon and it won my heart over all else. I focused on bassoon performance in college and was offered spots in violin and piano studios as well. It wasn’t long until I changed my focus to piano literature and performance.

In the years since college, I’ve taught piano, violin, and chess both in classrooms and privately. After many years of not playing or performing, I’ve recently dedicated myself to sharing my passion of classical music any way I can while chasing the dream of performing major concerts. I currently teach private lessons, perform regularly at Von Maur, and now, host here at KVNO!

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