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Dish Omaha

KVNO’s Dish Omaha

From the mocktail craze to historic food festivals, Dish Omaha explores how the food and restaurant scene in the metro brings us together as a community. Hosted by KVNO’s resident foodie Diane Watson, Dish Omaha airs Wednesday mornings at 9 a.m. on Morning Classics with Jeff Koterba.

Meet Diane

KVNO’s resident foodie Diane Watson is an actor and culinary artist who hosts “The Leftover Chef” series on YouTube. Conceived as an extra time project during Covid, she continues to help everyone save money and the planet by creating easy and inventive ways to repurpose leftovers.

She studied cooking at the HomeChef school in San Francisco and acting at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena.

Diane regularly appears onstage and in film, and teaches improvisation.

She’s been a member of the Omaha arts scene since returning to Omaha from California. She’s worked at the Omaha Symphony and currently serves as board president for the Great Plains Theatre Commons. Diane is working on a Leftover Chef cookbook that will bring readers delicious recipes and secondary concoctions you can make from the leftovers.

May 8th

This week, Diane explores the amazing development and vibrancy of the Benson neighborhood food scene, from pubs and coffee to high end cuisine, with its musical roots at the core.

May 1st

This week, Diane previewed the upcoming Farmer’s Market season. Where you can find them, what to expect, and how to make the most of this fantastic summer tradition.

April 24th

An Overview of the show and what you can expect to hear on Dish Omaha!