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Sherry Kennedy Brownrigg

sherry brownrigg


Host of Midday Classics

KVNO Station Manager/Program Director

Host of Midday Classics

My husband’s favorite description of me is “she never met a microphone she didn’t love” and it’s true! My fascination with radio began when I was 12 during a Girl Scout visit to a local radio station. The craft reached out, took hold of my imagination, and it’s never abated, taking me to many places around the world. Along the way I also picked up management opportunities, launched a station in Omaha and a network in the upper Midwest, and opened my own marketing firm. In 2019, I realized I was never happier than when I could be involved in radio every day, so I knocked on KVNO’s door. I wouldn’t leave so they hired me to manage the day-to-day operations of the station. People have told me they hear joy in my voice on the air, and why not? I never excelled at piano, clarinet, bassoon or guitar personally (all the instruments I once played), but I get to help KVNO listeners experience the joy of the greatest music of all time.

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