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Agnes Of God. BLT. Image by Analisa Louise Photography

Agnes Of God. BLT. Image by Analisa Louise Photography

By Gabriel Escalera

BLT Unveils 56th Season: ‘Agnes of God’ Leads the Charge!

February 5th, 2024

The Bellevue Little Theater is embarking on its 56th season, continuing its tradition of blending volunteer efforts with paid positions. Jon Flower, Director for Bellevue Little Theater Productions of “Agnes of God,” emphasizes the theater’s commitment to staging productions that often fly under the radar of other local theaters.

With a background in theater since high school, Flower values the intimacy of smaller acting spaces, fostering a closer connection between the audience and the actors. Bellevue Little Theater consistently aims for a full five-show season, with each production carefully curated.

“Agnes of God” was reviewed twice by reading committee before being selected for production, a decision that Flower eagerly embraced. Known for its minimalist approach, Bellevue Little Theater productions typically feature smaller casts and prioritize simplicity over elaborate sets and effects.

Catch “Agnes of God” at Bellevue Little Theater, located at 203 W Mission Ave in Bellevue, with shows running this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.