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By Lindsay Tague

Durham Museum Displays Summer Exhibitions

July 11th, 2023

Omaha’s Durham Museum has several family friendly and fun temporary exhibits on display throughout the summer. Chelsea Olmstead, the Museum Curator at the Durham, talks about all the exhibits and what they entail! The first one being “Lunch Box: Packed with Pop Culture”.

This collection is all about telling the history of the lunch box, and how it was produced. Olmstead says this collection shows a fascinating side to lunch boxes that we don’t really see anymore, today. Another traveling exhibit opened at the Durham Museum is “Towers of Tomorrow,” a fun LEGO exhibition. 

These LEGO towers are all built to scale, so if they were all lined up next to each other, that’s exactly how they would look next to each other in real life! There’s even an added a factor to this exhibit so anyone can come in and be an architect.

Once you’re done building, the visitor’s creations will be put out for display in the exhibit, as well. Durham even provides the larger building blocks for kids that aren’t quite ready to be building with the smaller LEGO’s. A third exhibit opened at the Durham Museum is “Honoring 75 Years: The History of Omaha’s World War II Memorial Park”.

Olmstead says Durham wanted to ensure this Omaha staple received the recognition it deserves with this exhibit. 

All of these exhibits are opened through the summer, until September 3. After that, these exhibits will be closed, and the Durham will be preparing for the next installation of upcoming exhibits! Other temporary exhibits available to view are the staff favorites in the Byron Reed Collection, where the museum’s collections team selected their favorite pieces from his collection, and put together a display, and the Photo Archives display featuring nine images related to historic strikes in Omaha. 

For more information about temporary and permanent exhibits, along with the 5 after 5 admission event every Tuesday evening through August, visit