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El Museo Latino. The Marvel of Old Masters. Image property of El Museo Latino

El Museo Latino. The Marvel of Old Masters. Image property of El Museo Latino

By Gabriel Escalera

El Museo Latino Undergoes Exciting Renovation While Hosting Must-See Exhibit

March 4th, 2024

Exciting changes are happening at El Museo Latino, nestled at the intersection of 25th and L Streets. A landmark of the arts community for over three decades, the museum is undergoing an eagerly awaited renovation and expansion project.

Magdalena Garcia, the Executive Director of the museum, has shared that financing this ambitious project has been quite a hurdle. To date, they’ve managed to secure 65% of the funding needed to bring the construction to completion. Yet, crossing the finish line to the full funding goal is still a challenge ahead, requiring further efforts and support.

El Museo Latino made its debut in the historic Livestock Exchange Building back in May 1993. Just two years later, it moved to its present location. Since the move, Magdalena and her dedicated team have tirelessly worked not only to enhance the facility but also to bring engaging exhibits and educational programs to the community.

Despite the ongoing renovations, the museum remains open, though with some operational limitations. Currently on display is an exhibition titled “The Marvel of Old Masters: Rembrandt, Goya, Dürer,” showcasing the timeless works of these legendary artists.

For those interested in learning more about the current exhibitions, the progress of the renovation, or how to contribute through donations, further details can be found by visiting: El Museo Latino

This renovation marks a significant milestone in the museum’s history, ensuring that it continues to serve as a vital cultural hub for the community. Your support and interest in the museum’s journey through this transformative period are greatly appreciated.