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North and Nordicity. Student Recital. Image provided by the Keyboard Area.

North and Nordicity. Student Recital. Image provided by the Keyboard Area.

By Gabriel Escalera

Exploring Nordic Music: UNO School of Music’s Keyboard Area Recital

March 22nd, 2024

The UNO School of Music boasts a dedicated Keyboard area focused on nurturing both solo and group musical talents among its students. Under the guidance of Associate Professor Kristin Teyler, who serves as the Keyboard area coordinator, students exhibit their musical prowess at various venues across Omaha. Teyler oversees the department’s diverse collection of instruments, including the double-manual French harpsichord, ensuring students have access to top-notch resources for their musical development.

In an effort to foster collaboration and creativity, the department launched a series of projects engaging students in diverse musical endeavors. One such ongoing project involves delving into the works of composers from around the world, enriching students’ understanding of global musical traditions.

Excitement is building for the upcoming student recital titled “North and Nordicity: An Exploration of Nordic Piano Music,” scheduled for Monday, March 25th, at the Strauss Performing Arts Center. Teyler expresses particular enthusiasm for this event, anticipating a captivating showcase of talent and musical exploration.

For those interested in attending the recital or learning more about the UNO School of Music’s programs, visit the school’s website for additional information and updates.