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By Lindsay Tague

Omaha Business Owner Shares Passion with Community

March 21st, 2023

The arts are all about sharing passions with one another. This could include hobbies, music, theater, and so much more. An Omaha business owner had a vision to share his passion with the community, and it is quite unique: vintage arcade games. 

Patrick Garber owns Arcade 33. He says that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the business went in the private rental direction. This was to accommodate families and friends that wanted to spend time together, but also abide by social distance guidelines. 

Garber opened the arcade with the intent to share his love for vintage games with others that love playing vintage games. He says that he is always thinking of ways to improve the gaming experience and quality for his guests. Right now, Garber says he wants to expand the amount of pinball machines within the space, introducing new ones and adding them to his collection. 

All of the games in the arcade are from Garbers own, personal collection. He says that he’s been collecting games for about 15 years. Garber says opening the arcade also helped him give all of the games a home. For Garber, opening an arcade has been a goal for quite a while. It wasn’t something that he just thought of and decided to do one day. Making arcade games part of his career has been on his bucket list for years. 

Arcade 33 is open now and available to rent for private parties. Garber says he is always so excited to share one of his greatest passions and hobbies with anyone that walks through the arcade doors.

For more information on Arcade 33 and the rental process, you can visit