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The Heritage Series. Omaha Chamber Music Sociaty. Image property of OCMS

The Heritage Series. Omaha Chamber Music Sociaty. Image property of OCMS

By Gabriel Escalera

Omaha Chamber Music Society Celebrates Beethoven’s Legacy

May 6th, 2024

In the world of classical music, the fugue stands as a testament to intricate composition, with its multiple voices weaving together in harmonious complexity. Composers often classify their fugues based on the number of parts, adding layers of depth and sophistication to these masterpieces.

As the Omaha Chamber Music Society’s heritage series draws to a close, music enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating an evening dedicated to honoring the timeless genius of Ludwig van Beethoven. This special event will showcase some of Beethoven’s most celebrated fugues, offering a glimpse into the unparalleled brilliance of his musical craftsmanship.

The program for the evening will feature Piano Sonata No. 31, Opus 110, followed by String Quartet No. 14, Opus 131. Music Director Thomas Kluge describes the latter quartet as one of Beethoven’s most unique works, composed just a year before his passing. Kluge speculates that in his final days, Beethoven was consumed by unfinished musical ideas, tirelessly jotting them down and rearranging them without completion.

In a gesture to enhance the Beethoven evening, Jay Wise, General Manager of The Omaha Chamber Music Society, is pleased to welcome a guest pianist to the concert. This addition promises to elevate the experience for attendees, adding a new dimension to the already captivating program.

Looking ahead, Kluge is already contemplating the next series of concerts, eager to continue bringing audiences closer to the enduring legacy of classical music.

“A Beethoven Evening” is scheduled for tomorrow at 7 pm at the Omaha Conservatory of Music. For more information and tickets, visit