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By Gabriel Escalera

Omaha Performing Arts: Spotlight on Diversity and Exciting Events

May 8th, 2024

Omaha Performing Arts continues to uphold its reputation for delivering top-notch entertainment while remaining dedicated to inclusivity and community service. As the season progresses, there are still several exciting events planned for the Hip Hop Lab.

Sylvia Stone, the Communications Manager for Omaha Performing Arts, shared insights into the upcoming events, highlighting one that delves into the rich background of graffiti art.

In addition, there’s anticipation building for the final event celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop music, scheduled for Thursday, May 16th.

This week also saw the launch of the program “Asian-American Voices in Fashion,” adding another dimension to the diverse lineup of events.

For more information on these events and others hosted by Omaha Performing Arts, visit their website at O-Pa.oag.