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Photo Provided by Alyssa Schmitt

By Lindsay Tague

Omaha Students Showcase Their Senior Art Show

December 5th, 2023

As the fall semester of 2023 comes to a close on the campus of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, seniors are preparing for the looming graduation. A group of dedicated Bachelor of Fine Arts seniors have one last project to showcase.

Parker Herout is the UNO Gallery Assistant; she says the thesis show is not limited to just showcasing art. The BFA of Studio Art students are being prepped for their future education and careers with this show.

The BFA program takes place over 3 semesters. Those semesters are spent working towards the presentation at the thesis show. There is no specific theme for students to follow when it comes to the show, it’s up to their own devices how’d they’d like to present their creativity. 

Alyssa Schmitt is currently a student in the BFA program. After taking time off from creating art due to lack of space at home, Schmitt found a solution that created the inspiration for the immersive experience that is their show. Schmitt decided to push the limits of a common art tool in their show.

When it came to creating their show, Schmitt wanted to give viewers a truly riveting experience. At the end of the day, they created a show with the intention for people to come reflect and relax. 

The BFA program is designed to not only develop aspiring artists, but also teach them the technical side of gallery design and curation. The BFA Thesis show is open now through December 15 at the UNO Gallery. For more information about upcoming exhibitions at the gallery, visit their page on