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By Gabriel Escalera

PACE, Ending 2023 With Exciting Events

December 15th, 2023

As PACE in Council Bluffs draws the curtains on a bustling year, the final stretch brings a crescendo of exciting events. A standout moment of 2023 was the vibrant spectacle of “PACE Interactive” in August. PACE’s Creative Director, Adma Van Osdel says, this event transcends a mere fundraiser.

“PACE Interactive” transformed into a vibrant canvas hosting a showcase of over 40 diverse artists and captivating performances by the Chanticleer Theater, Chanticleer Children’s Theater, Kanesville Symphony Orchestra, American Midwest Ballet Company, and American Midwest Ballet School. The fusion of artistic expressions was complemented by delightful culinary offerings from Kitchen Council entrepreneurs, encapsulating the essence of PACE’s multifaceted identity. Osdel passionately underscores that such occasions epitomize the very essence of PACE, becoming a vital pillar in sustaining year-round educational programs.

As the year draws to a close, the horizon is painted with anticipation for the upcoming “Hometown Hero” event, eagerly anticipated by both patrons and artists. This celebration is a tribute to local and regional talent, promising a showcase of exceptional artistry and creativity.

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