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The Salt Creek Song Festival 2023. Image provided by Jared Hiscock

By Gabriel Escalera

Salt Creek Song Festival: A Growing Cultural Treasure in Saunders County

May 17th, 2024

In a mere span of three years, the Salt Creek Song Festival has blossomed into a cherished cultural highlight in Saunders County and the broader Great Plains region. Nestled in the quaint town of Ashland, situated between Omaha and Lincoln, this burgeoning event has garnered admiration from both locals and visitors, offering a harmonious blend of music and community amid the region’s picturesque countryside.

Gretchen Crane, co-founder and Executive Director, along with Jared Hiscock, co-founder and Artistic Director of the Salt Creek Song Festival, share a passion for music and a vision for cultivating talent in the Midwest. Their journey began with a desire for a space brimming with opportunities for aspiring artists, leading them to Ashland, chosen somewhat serendipitously as a meeting point. However, they quickly recognized its suitability for their festival aspirations, in a town that fervently embraces the arts.

While Hiscock and Crane revel in the joy of performing at the festival, they also immerse themselves in the meticulous organization of venues, artists, and concerts, finding profound fulfillment in their endeavors. For the upcoming 2024 festival, they have commissioned two original pieces, adding a fresh dimension to the event.

Despite their growing expertise in orchestrating the festival, Hiscock and Crane remain humble, acknowledging that each year brings new discoveries and experiences. The Salt Creek Song Festival kicks off this Sunday, May 19th, running through Saturday, May 25th. For more information, visit and join in the celebration of music and community.