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Nathan Laube 2 -Joseph Routon photographer

Nathan Laube 2 -Joseph Routon photographer

By Gabriel Escalera

Santa Cecilia Cathedral’s Organ Celebrates 20 Years

March 15th, 2024

St. Cecilia Cathedral stands as a majestic symbol of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, captivating visitors since its inauguration in 1905. Renowned for its architectural grandeur, the cathedral boasts equally impressive interior adornments, serving as a cultural epicenter throughout the year.

Marie Rubis Bauer, the esteemed Director of Music and Organist at Saint Cecilia Cathedral, assumes the role of organ stewardess, overseeing the cathedral’s renowned instrument. Beyond her regular performances and maintenance duties, Bauer embraces a special mission to enrich the community through music.

This weekend, the cathedral, in collaboration with the Cathedral Arts Project, unveils the mesmerizing capabilities of its organ. As part of the instrument’s 20th anniversary celebration, the cathedral hosts a recital highlighting the timeless compositions of Bach, which resonate magnificently within the cathedral’s walls.

For further details, please visit the cathedral’s website¬†Organ Concert