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BFF. Mobile Gallery. Image provided by BFF.

BFF. Mobile Gallery. Image provided by BFF.

By Gabriel Escalera

Shaping Creativity And Community at BFF Omaha

January 22nd, 2024

John Paul Gurnett is the Communications and Creative Director at BFF Omaha, whose journey with the organization began as a volunteer—a testament to his dedication and growth within the BFF community.

BFF has become an integral part of Omaha’s thriving arts scene, firmly establishing itself in the vibrant Benson district. According to Gurnett, the organization prides itself on fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment, a commitment that positively influences both the local arts community and the BFF team.

In his role, Gurnett plays a crucial part in steering the creative direction of BFF. The organization has taken notable strides in supporting the local art scene through various programs and projects. These initiatives not only uplift artists but also contribute to meaningful changes within the community, reflecting BFF’s commitment to positive impact.

One distinctive aspect of BFF’s community outreach is its unique mobile gallery, bringing art to different locations. This initiative is just one example of how BFF embraces innovative ideas to fuel its growth and evolution.

For those interested in learning more about BFF’s programs or bringing the mobile gallery to a specific location, visit [website] for additional information. Join BFF in shaping creativity and community in Omaha!