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The Mystery of the Magi’s Gold. Image Provided by Omaha Community Playhouse

SISTER’S CHRISTMAS CATECHISM: The Mystery of the Magi’s Gold. Image Provided by Omaha Community Playhouse

By Gabriel Escalera

Sister’s Christmas Catechism at OCP

November 27th, 2023

To stay in the festive season, the Omaha Community Playhouse is set to showcase a special event that lies beyond the regular seasonal lineup, sparking excitement among the theater’s loyal patrons.

“Sister’s Christmas Catechism: The Mystery of the Magi’s Gold” takes center stage, offering audiences an engaging and educational experience delving into “The Nativity” story. Attendees are advised to be punctual, as Mary Zentmyer, the seasoned actress portraying “Sister,” playfully warns, “When you come to the show, you are coming to sister’s class, so if you walk in late, I will make you apologize to the class.”

Zentmyer, a Chicago native who has embodied the character of “Sister” since the early ’90s across various states and parts of Canada, emphasizes that one doesn’t need to be Catholic to enjoy the performance. “What it is, is kind of like a flash flashback for grandma…what a non is,” she whimsically describes the show’s appeal.

Accompanied by a local choir, “Sister” leads an evening of charismatic parody, promising laughter and surprises. Those keen on participating can join in after the intermission, as Zentmyer affirms, “If they want to…if they don’t want a play.”

Beyond the entertainment value, the Omaha Community Playhouse extends an opportunity for the audience to contribute funds at the show’s conclusion, supporting real-life causes. Zentmyer elaborates, “What we do after each performance…in the local area in Omaha.”

Additionally, the playhouse aims to provide an inclusive experience, offering an audio-described performance of the play for the visually impaired or blind on Saturday, Dec. 9 at 7:30 p.m. For further details and reservations, interested individuals can contact the Box Office at (402) 553-0800 or visit