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EEO Report


Required information placed in on-line public inspection file and on KVNO’s website.

Full time positions filled since January 22, 2020 – January 21, 2021
One full-time position filled during this time period.
News Director

  1. Recruitment sources:

University recruitment website:
NeWorks – Nebraska Department of Labor
IowaWorks – Iowa Department of Labor
Public Media Journalists Association (PMJA)
Corporation for Public Broadcasting:
Current:  https//
Alliance for Women in Media
Native American Journalists Association (NAJA)
National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ)
National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ)
Posted March 2 through March 31, 2020.  Exception: Ad was on the University website for 42 days.

  1. List of recruitment sources that referred the person hired: University website
  2. Total number of persons interviewed and recruitment source   

       with number using that source:
       Three applicants were interviewed.
       Recruitment source:        
       University – 1
       Career Link: – 2

The KVNO News Director position was filled May 20, 2020.

KVNO isn’t aware of any source asking to be notified of our job openings.
University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Human Resources Department isn’t aware of any source asking to be notified of job openings/position announcements.






Prong 3 from January 22, 2019 to January 21, 2021 Outreach and Recruitment – 2 initiatives within a two-year period

Initiative 1
Establishment of an internship program designed to assist members of our community in acquiring the skills that are necessary for employment in radio broadcasting.

KVNO typically offers both paid and unpaid part-time internship positions to qualified applicants in membership/development, fundraising and underwriting, on-air announcing, audio production editing, music library management, and broadcast news reporting. These internships generally last for one semester but can be renewed or extended at the discretion of KVNO management.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions on the campus of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, KVNO was unable to sponsor interns on a regular basis.  We are currently working on opening up the application process for interns for both the spring and fall semesters of 2021.

Initiative 2
When speaking to a group or giving a tour of the studio, KVNO Managers take the opportunity to include the following:   “The University of Nebraska at Omaha and KVNO are equal opportunity employers.  Job opportunities at KVNO are posted on KVNO’s website.  Please visit for information.

KVNO participates in community events and offers public tours of KVNO studios and operations to interested civic organizations and individuals in the community.  During these events, participants are notified that KVNO is an equal opportunity employer and anyone interested in employment at KVNO will find open jobs posted on our website or on the University Employment website.  When speaking to local community groups, KVNO staff members are instructed to include a mention that KVNO is an equal employment opportunity employer and all job vacancies at KVNO are posted on our website or on the university employment website. KVNO also has a portable display booth that we set up at concert events, art fairs, performance venues, etc., and employment and EEO information is posted on the display.  KVNO was unable to conduct Classical Kids tours and visit schools most of this year due to the pandemic; however, we did record remote interviews with each of them and sent their certificates and gifts.


Classical Kid remote interviews were held on the following dates:

April 13, 2020
May 12, 2020
June 15, 2020
July 23, 2020
August 6, 2020
September 24, 2020
October 22, 2020
November 16, 2020
December 21, 2020
January 15, 2021

Tours and Speaking Engagements:

January 7, 2020
University of Nebraska Foundation representative met in KVNO Studios with KVNO Music Director.

January 9, 2020
A school visit and award presentation attended by KVNO Music Director on behalf of Classical Kids Program at Regina Coeli Academy, 709 South 28th Street, Omaha, NE  68105.  Approximately 35 people were in attendance.

January 28, 2020
Classical Kids interview
KVNO Music Director gave a tour of the studio, music library, recording studio followed by interview (Q & A time) for Classical Kid and parent.

February 28, 2020
Classical Kids interview
KVNO Music Director gave a tour of the studio, music library, recording studio followed by interview (Q & A time) for Classical Kid and parent.

March 5, 2020
Joslyn Castle representative met in KVNO Studios with KVNO Music Director.

September 29, 2020
Omaha Community Playhouse’s Music Director met in KVNO Studios with KVNO Music Director.

October 8, 2020
KVNO Assistant General Manager gave a talk at the local Rotary Club.
Approximately 95 people were in attendance.


Initiative 3
Establishment of training programs designed to enable station personnel to acquire skills that could qualify them for higher-level positions.

All KVNO Managers and other full-time staff employees are eligible for college tuition reimbursement and are encouraged to further their education in order to broaden their horizons, learn new skills, update old skills, and be in a better position for job advancement opportunities when they arise. Many staff members have taken advantage of this opportunity.  All are encouraged to do so.

The KVNO General Manager attended the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Conference, August 5-8, 2020 (virtual).  The General Manager was a presenter on a panel titled “Telling Lies in America: Are Today’s Journalists Watchdogs, Lapdogs, or Something Else?”

The KVNO General Manager and the KVNO Assistant General Manager regularly mentor college students interested in a career in broadcasting on an ongoing basis.

The KVNO Assistant General Manager attended the Public Radio Program Directors online annual conference September 21-25, 2020.

The KVNO Assistant General Manager attended several Reimaging U courses offered by UNO on management dealing with the topics of building trust and communication with your staff and rewarding staff for good work.

The KVNO Production Manager began his Masters in Communication on January 4, 2021.

The KVNO Business Manager attended virtual seminars and training programs related to business and accounting practices at UNO and also participated in the following Corporation for Public Broadcasting Webinars: SAS (All Sections – TV and Radio) on January 23, 2020; CSG Requirements and Resources on September 9, 2020; Introduction to Financial Reporting on September 16, 2020; What is NFFS? on September 30, 2020; and Indirect Administrative Support: New Method on October 7, 2020.

All full-time staff at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) is encouraged to participate in the Re-imagining U courses that are now offered on campus in conjunction with UNMC.

KVNO management makes every effort to modify employee work schedules to accommodate and promote the furthering of our employees’ education.  KVNO managers also attend offsite, onsite and online training seminars that are related to their area of expertise and to gain knowledge in related areas that benefit the organization at large.

All KVNO employees have earned certification as completing Title IX Sexual Harassment training classes provided by UNO’s Office of Diversity, Equity, Access and Inclusion.  A Corporation for Public Broadcasting stipulation requires all KVNO staff members (full and part-time), student workers and unpaid interns complete this training on a yearly basis.  The University requires all employees and students complete this training every two years.


Initiative 4
Provision of training to management level personnel as to methods of ensuring equal employment opportunity and preventing discrimination.
KVNO managers are encouraged to attend meetings and seminars on campus that are sponsored by the university on issues relating to updated Title IX enforcement provisions, identifying and eliminating discrimination of all kinds in the workplace, as well as issues related to workplace/domestic violence and regulatory updates relative to the Americans with Disabilities Act.
UNO Supervisory training is now included in the Re-Imaging U courses now offered on campus in conjunction with UNMC.
The University of Nebraska at Omaha and Classical 90.7 KVNO are Equal Opportunity employers.  Job opportunities at Classical 90.7 KVNO, when
available, will appear on this website.  To apply for an available position at Classical 90.7 KVNO, you must use the University of Nebraska at Omaha Human Resources website.

Steps for Recruitment and Hiring to Comply with the FCC’s EEO Rules and Policies for KVNO-FM.
Adoption of Program, Outreach and Prong One.
1. A job description must be created. Use forms to assist in the preparation of a job description. The KVNO hiring manager may also contact Lolita Schumacher, Manager, Payroll, Compensation and Records at 402.554.2739.
An approved job description is necessary for the position to be classified and a salary range developed. The job description and classification must be done before a job requisition can be prepared and a job posted.
Once the classification information is received by the KVNO Assistant General Manager, factors in making final salary decisions include: budget constraints, internal equity, market relevance, and internal value of the position, within KVNO and UNO.
2. After the position is classified, the designated KVNO hiring manager should submit a requisition for the position. Contact Employment at 402.554.3668 in Human Resources for further instructions on how to create a job posting in PeopleAdmin or download the PeopleAdmin User Guide.
3. A position may be posted for recruitment in one of three ways:

  1. External – open to everyone, both University and non-University applicants. Most positions are posted external.
  2. University employees only (requires Employment approval) – the position would be open to all University employees, including those from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the University of Nebraska at Kearney, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and Central Administration.
  3. Department Only (requires Employment approval) – a search may be limited to those within the department who are current regular part-time or full time employees hired through the regular UNO competitive search process (not a temporary employee).

4.  The Employment Specialist will post the position after cabinet approval.  All office/service and managerial/professional positions will be posted for a minimum of seven calendar days.
All open positions are posted on the UNO website and the State Employment website, NEWorks.  For any additional advertising of the position, the KVNO hiring manager will let the UNO Employment Office know. The Employment Office is responsible for posting all formal advertisements (ads) that do not require a professional association membership.  The Employment Office will issue Ad Copy for KVNO’s use in placing ads on websites used by professional associations and social media platforms. All Full Time Open Positions at KVNO are advertised in national and regional publications or websites to ensure the broadest possible outreach. KVNO is responsible for all advertising expenses.
5. All applicants, both internal and external, will be instructed to apply through the UNO Employment site The Office of Human Resources in Room 205 of the Eppley Administration Building has computers for applicants to use and will assist applicants with the process if necessary.
6. All applications are screened. Those who meet the minimum requirements will be forwarded to the KVNO hiring manager via PeopleAdmin. Those applicants not meeting the minimum qualifications for the job are notified via PeopleAdmin immediately.
KVNO is responsible for reviewing the referred candidates and selecting those to be interviewed. Contact the Employment Specialist, at 402.554.3668 if you do not find a suitable candidate after interviewing from the referred applicants. The request should include reasons why the candidates initially referred were not acceptable.
A KVNO search committee is required for Senior Level Managerial/Professional positions and strongly recommended for all other positions. All search committee members will need to attend search committee training.  The Employment Specialist, at 402.554.3668 can assist you with giving access for the KVNO search committee to see applications.  Each search must have four finalists for interviews.
7. The KVNO hiring unit may request that the position be re-posted and re-advertised if a suitable candidate is not found out of the initial pool of candidates referred, or if the job requirements change. Contact the Employment Office for assistance with this process.
8. After identifying the candidates the KVNO Hiring Committee would like to interview, move them in the workflow to “Request for Interview.” This list of names will go to the EAD Officer.  Once this list is approved, the KVNO Search Chair/Manager (if one is listed) will receive a system generated email.
9. Once interviews are completed, KVNO should conduct reference checks of the top two candidates’ current and previous employers.  Prior to contacting references, please let the candidate know you plan to make the calls.  This allows the candidate time to alert the reference to expect the call.  Conducting reference checks with supervisors of current and former UNO employees is strongly recommended. It is important to be consistent in conducting all reference checks.


10. Prior to making an offer of employment, the KVNO hiring manager will email interview summary notes and reference check notes. An offer should not be made until the Employment Office has approved the summary notes and received the reference notes.  At the time of summary note approval, the posting will be closed to further applicants.
If the verbal offer is accepted, initiate background checks. The KVNO hiring manager sends the candidate the link to access the background check form. Ensure the candidate understands that the verbal offer is contingent on the background check being returned in good standing. Background checks must be performed on all new hires and all internal to UNO hires whose last background check at UNO is more than 12 months old.  Contact HR for the background check information if needed: 402.554.3668.
After the background check is completed, if other testing is required for the position, initiate said testing.  KVNO’s hiring manager will be notified by the Employment Office when final hiring is approved. At that time, the KVNO hiring manager will send the applicant the official offer letter using UNO’s official hiring templates.
11. Contact Human Resources once the posting should be closed. Postings can be closed before the position is filled if the hiring manager feels that they have an adequate pool of applicants and feels confident that a hire can be made from said pool.
The KVNO hiring manager will disposition all applicants to their appropriate workflow throughout the hiring process.  Applicants who applied to the position and/or participated in the interviewing process need to receive notification that the position has been filled via PeopleAdmin within 30 days of the hire being made.
Contact The Employment Specialist, at 402.554.3668 if you have questions.
12. All newly hired regular employees (Office/Service and Managerial/Professional) must serve a six-month original probationary period. This probationary period is an extension of the selection process and is used to determine an employee’s suitability for UNO employment.
13. KVNO will complete the following and submit to the Office of Human Resources:
The following employment documentation must be completed accurately at least 48 hours* (weekends not included) in advance of the first day of employment:

  • Personnel Action Form (PAF)
  • Personnel Data Form (PDF)
  • Copies of Offer Letter and Acceptance
  • I-9 Form
  • E-Verify
  • Direct Deposit Form
  • Federal W-4 Form
  • Nebraska W-4N Form
  • Self-Identification of Disability
  • Veteran Self ID Post Offer
  • UNO Policy Acknowledgement
  • UNO Security Agreement
  • NU Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Information Security Agreement

Failure to do so will result in delay of many essential services for new employees, including but not limited to obtaining their MavCard on the first workday, which allows physical access and parking.  One of HR’s primary focuses is to ensure that all new employees have the best possible on-boarding experience possible.  This starts with the timely submission of accurate employment information and will require some advance planning on KVNO’s part.  Please use the following resource: *Note: intra-campus transfers and rehires may require greater than 48 hours.
If the employee is new to UNO, he/she should meet with Human Resources to arrange benefits.
14. All materials pertaining to the recruitment process must be maintained within the department official files for a period of four years starting from the successful candidate’s start date. These materials will be important to KVNO in the event KVNO has to respond to any legal action or inquiry in connection with the hiring process.

Prong Two.
KVNO will notify referral organizations on file that have requested information on job vacancies of each full time employment opportunity at KVNO. Requests must be made in writing and include the necessary contact and forwarding information for verification purposes. These requests must be mailed or forwarded to the attention of KVNO Business Manager, KVNO Radio, CPACS 200, 6001 Dodge Street, Omaha Nebraska 68182.  KVNO Management will also reach out to existing recruitment organizations in the community.


Updated January 2021



Documentation of above:

January 2021
Reviewed by Sherry L. Brownrigg, Assistant General Manager and Carolyn Schwinck, Business Manager
January 2020
Reviewed by Chris W. Allen, General Manager and Carolyn Schwinck, Business Manager.
January 2019
Reviewed by Dana Buckingham, Assistant General Manager / Program Director and Carolyn Schwinck, Business Manager.
January 2018
Reviewed by Dana Buckingham, Assistant General Manager / Program Director and Carolyn Schwinck, Business Manager.



University Policies / University of Nebraska at Omaha is available online for all employees.  Titles are alphabetized, and the Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Statement is the fourth item on the list.

Programs offered on campus to employees.  Employees notified through daily emails (Maverick Daily) and flyers.  Examples follow:

February 5, 2020 – Having Problem Solving Creative Problems?  A Workshop
February 6, 2020 – “Overcoming the Impossible” A Motivational Forum
February 20, 2020 – PASSAGES Literary Series – ‘In Praise of Wasting Time’
March 2-5, 2020 – Women and Public Policy Week
March 3, 2020 – Active Shooter Presentations
March 5, 2020 – Microaggression Awareness Program Workshops
March 6, 2020 – Omaha Astronomical Society Hosts Guest Speaker John Beck Hoffmann
March 11, 2020 – Stop the Bleed Presentations
March 17, 2020 – Frequently Asked Questions About UNO’s Response to COVID-19
March 18, 2020 – UNO Benefits: COVID-9 and Healthcare
April is Earth Month at UNO – Solve Climate by 2030 Webinar.  Activities will be held all month long.
April 19, 2020 – InterConnect Virtual Conference 2020…Recurring COVID-19: How to Keep Working and Stay Safe…COVID-19 FAQs About Alternative Work Arrangements.
Online Training Options: COVID-19: Tips for Supervisors; COVID-19: Reduced Schedule; COVID-19: Job/Shift Sharing and Alternate Work Duties; COVID-19: Flexible Work Schedules; COVID-19: Remote/Alternative Work Site
April 23, 2020 – UNO Benefits 101: COVID-19 and  Healthcare
April 15, 2020 – Just Good Books Reading Circle
July 30, 2020 – Fidelity Webinar: Navigating Market Volatility
August 14, 2020 – STEM TRAIL Center Hosts ‘Camaraderie Hour’
September 23, 2020 – A&S Virtual Seminar Series: Understanding the Pandemic
September 28, 2020 – Fall Health Safety Modules Available for Campus: Module 1: Protect Yourself, Protect Others; Module 2: Keep Teaching, Keep Working; Module 3: Your Role in Cleaning and Disinfecting Campus; Module 4: Connect. Take Care. Get Help
October 9, 2020 – Brown Bag Series: Race/Ethnic Disparities in the Impact of COVID-19 in the US
October 12, 2020 – UNO Education and Healing Series: Beyond Donkeys and Elephants; Online Retirement Planning Consultations with TIAA and Fidelity
October 21, 2020 – Voting 101 Workshop: A Short Session About All Things Voting
October 19-22, 2020 – TIAA, Fidelity Retirement Webinars Open to Employees: TIAA: Money at Work 2; Sharpening Investment Skills; Fidelity: Indentify and Prioritize Your Savings Goals; Halfway There: A Retirement Checkup; Learn The Basics of When and How to Claim Social Security
October 23, 2020 – Brown Bag Series: The Real Cost of Political Polarization: Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic
October 28, 2020 – TIAA Webinar: Income Diversification What, Why and How
October 29, 2020 – Human Rights Forum: Human Rights, Sacred Land, and Food Sovereignty
November 5, 2020 – The UNO Department of English Presents Anti-Racism and the English Curriculum: Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea.
November 9-20, 2020 – Health and Wellness Fair (Virtual) Focusing on UNO’s Eight Dimensions of Wellness
November 18-19, 2020 – Avoiding And Addressing Microaggressions in Service Learning and Community Engagement
November 20, 2020 – The Moving Company Offering Virtual Modern Dance Classes on Sundays
December 3, 2020 – NuRamp MavGrants Training Session
December 8, 2020 – TIAA Webinar “Inside Money – Managing Income And Debt”
December 9, 2020 – TIAA Webinar “Lifetime Income – Market Proof Your Retirement”
December 10, 2020 – TIAA Webinar ” Postcards From The Future – A Guide To Financially Ever After”; A&S Virtual Seminar Series: The Art of Samuel Bak

UNO Manager/Supervisor Training

Supervisory Training has been incorporated into the Re-Imagining U courses that are now offered on campus in conjunction with UNMC.  Examples include: Corrective Action Plans, Developing You, FMLA / ADA, Hiring Best Practices, Generational Ethics at Work.




New Employee Orientations were held*:

January 28, 2020
February 25, 2020
July 28, 2020
August 25, 2020
September 22, 2020
October 27, 2020
November 24, 2020
December 22, 2020

*Due to COVID-19 some NEO sessions were not held.

Mandatory Compliance Training.  All Faculty, Staff and Students are expected/required to complete Title IX Training to make everyone on campus aware of sexual violence and to understand how to prevent it.  The training is available by Firefly.  Training must be completed every two years.

University departments such as Criss Library, Sponsored Programs and Research, Accounting Services and Information Technology Services frequently announce free training programs for employees that will update and enhance skills.





“The University of Nebraska at Omaha and KVNO are equal opportunity employers. If you would like to learn about job opportunities at KVNO, please see our web page,”

On Air Announcement-Dates announced

Web site – June 29, 2004 to present EOE report ” The University of Nebraska at Omaha and KVNO are equal opportunity employers.” Employment Opportunities  “The University of Nebraska at Omaha and KVNO are equal opportunity employers.  Job opportunities at KVNO, when available, will appear on this website.

Affidavit of Performance – Specific #
From: 01/01/2020 To: 12/31/2020

Air Date          Air Time          Title
01/01/2020    05:00:35.957    PSA-EOE
01/01/2020    19:38:31.719    PSA-EOE
01/04/2020    05:00:35.224    PSA-EOE
01/04/2020    19:50:29.308    PSA-EOE
01/05/2020    12:00:35.212    PSA-EOE
01/06/2020    06:12:05.153    PSA-EOE
01/07/2020    05:00:35.016    PSA-EOE
01/08/2020    05:00:35.916    PSA-EOE
01/08/2020    19:47:47.268    PSA-EOE
01/11/2020    05:00:35.657    PSA-EOE
01/11/2020    19:37:59.274    PSA-EOE
05/12/2020    16:43:01.141    PSA-EOE
05/25/2020    12:31:33.499    PSA-EOE
06/04/2020    11:14:01.204    PSA-EOE
06/24/2020    12:35:32.633    PSA-EOE
07/06/2020    14:08:14.077    PSA-EOE
07/20/2020    00:59:01.948    PSA-EOE
08/05/2020    06:11:37.378    PSA-EOE
08/17/2020    16:24:39.608    PSA-EOE
08/26/2020    16:23:23.131    PSA-EOE
09/02/2020    05:00:35.023    PSA-EOE
09/03/2020    16:24:37.384    PSA-EOE
09/04/2020    11:00:21.869    PSA-EOE
Air Date           Air Time         Title
09/05/2020    16:18:39.405    PSA-EOE
09/07/2020    16:00:36.118    PSA-EOE
09/08/2020    16:27:03.025    PSA-EOE
09/09/2020    16:23:01.769    PSA-EOE
09/10/2020    16:22:51.225    PSA-EOE
09/14/2020    00:59:00.437    PSA-EOE
09/15/2020    17:28:43.022    PSA-EOE
09/16/2020    19:06:59.178    PSA-EOE
09/17/2020    19:48:59.288    PSA-EOE
09/18/2020    19:38:46.788    PSA-EOE
09/21/2020    05:00:36.354    PSA-EOE
09/21/2020    19:41:29.286    PSA-EOE
09/22/2020    06:24:35.222    PSA-EOE
09/23/2020    05:00:37.681    PSA-EOE
09/23/2020    19:06:59.222    PSA-EOE
09/24/2020    05:00:35.967    PSA-EOE
09/24/2020    19:51:29.318    PSA-EOE
09/28/2020    19:41:29.326    PSA-EOE
09/29/2020    10:59:38.392    PSA-EOE
09/30/2020    05:00:36.178    PSA-EOE
09/30/2020    19:06:59.221    PSA-EOE
10/01/2020    19:52:29.270    PSA-EOE
10/02/2020    09:59:35.829    PSA-EOE
10/03/2020    06:23:37.590    PSA-EOE
10/08/2020    06:20:58.736    PSA-EOE
10/09/2020    06:18:05.285    PSA-EOE
10/12/2020    06:21:05.699    PSA-EOE
10/12/2020    21:04:55.854    PSA-EOE
10/13/2020    05:00:36.099    PSA-EOE
10/13/2020    19:05:59.621    PSA-EOE
10/14/2020    19:06:59.631    PSA-EOE
10/15/2020    19:32:46.347    PSA-EOE
10/16/2020    08:31:36.260    PSA-EOE
10/19/2020    00:59:01.139    PSA-EOE
10/19/2020    19:36:46.603    PSA-EOE
10/20/2020    09:59:37.740    PSA-EOE
10/21/2020    05:00:36.009    PSA-EOE
10/21/2020    19:06:59.542    PSA-EOE
10/23/2020    05:00:38.027    PSA-EOE
10/23/2020    19:34:46.403    PSA-EOE
10/26/2020    06:25:32.106    PSA-EOE
10/26/2020    21:36:31.556    PSA-EOE
10/27/2020    19:05:59.250    PSA-EOE
10/28/2020    14:38:28.728    PSA-EOE
10/29/2020    19:43:44.242    PSA-EOE
Air Date          Air Time         Title
10/30/2020    12:21:33.817    PSA-EOE
11/02/2020    19:43:14.299    PSA-EOE
11/03/2020    19:05:59.284    PSA-EOE
11/05/2020    16:28:12.791    PSA-EOE
11/06/2020    17:04:00.309    PSA-EOE
11/09/2020    00:59:01.769    PSA-EOE
11/09/2020    19:35:29.318    PSA-EOE
11/10/2020    16:00:35.742    PSA-EOE
11/16/2020    00:59:01.961    PSA-EOE
11/17/2020    05:00:36.292    PSA-EOE
11/18/2020    11:09:40.640    PSA-EOE
11/20/2020    18:41:18.015    PSA-EOE
11/23/2020    00:59:01.281    PSA-EOE
11/23/2020    21:13:02.523    PSA-EOE
11/24/2020    08:42:21.567    PSA-EOE
11/25/2020    10:55:29.002    PSA-EOE
11/30/2020    05:00:35.236    PSA-EOE
12/01/2020    05:00:36.574    PSA-EOE
12/02/2020    05:00:36.584    PSA-EOE
12/03/2020    05:00:37.150    PSA-EOE
12/04/2020    05:00:37.069    PSA-EOE
12/04/2020    20:18:17.330    PSA-EOE
12/07/2020    10:30:49.992    PSA-EOE
12/08/2020    18:49:02.060    PSA-EOE
12/09/2020    08:11:28.527    PSA-EOE
12/10/2020    11:13:05.696    PSA-EOE
12/11/2020    12:59:38.404    PSA-EOE
12/11/2020    18:46:33.341    PSA-EOE
12/14/2020    05:00:36.069    PSA-EOE
12/16/2020    18:28:45.701    PSA-EOE
12/18/2020    18:36:47.494    PSA-EOE
12/21/2020    11:48:25.748    PSA-EOE
12/22/2020    10:59:30.371    PSA-EOE
12/24/2020    05:00:35.640    PSA-EOE
12/28/2020    05:28:13.879    PSA-EOE
12/29/2020    05:00:35.334    PSA-EOE
12/30/2020    05:00:35.686    PSA-EOE
12/31/2020    05:00:36.140    PSA-EOE






In 2020 KVNO:
Continues to adhere to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting stipulation requiring all KVNO staff members (full and part-time), student workers and unpaid interns complete Title IX Sexual Harassment training on a yearly basis.

In 2020 UNO:
UNO conducts sexual harassment (Title IX) training electronically for staff, faculty, and students.  Additionally, Title IX personnel offer special topics training through the Center for Faculty Excellence regularly, focusing on expected reporting requirements and Title IX classroom considerations.

Brief highlights of a few of the formal DEI Activities during 2020:

  • Several Trainings offered to UNO include but not limited to:

Valuing People
Ouch Training-That Stereotype Hurts
Safe Space Training

  • Started Pilot DEI Certificate Program (Cohort Program made of diverse representation from faculty and staff.)
  • Numerous listing sessions hosted on campus (virtual) to discuss both local and national issues surrounding racial unrest
  • Created and filled a new Senior Level Role—Associate Vice Chancellor of Diversity, Equity, Access and Inclusion (July)
  • Introduced a new Strategic Initiative (Investment ) that solicited proposals to deal with Race, Class and Inequity Issues
  • Strategic Forum held that focused solely on DEI issues.
  • National Speaker brought with primary focus on race.
  • Numerous initiatives focused on faculty to include but not limited to:

Formation of a Faculty DEAI Committee
Establishing the Associate Vice Chancellor of Diversity, Equity, Access and
Inclusion on search committee guidelines that promoted more inclusive
Targeted training on such topics as Tokenism.





In 2019 KVNO:
Continues to adhere to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting stipulation requiring all KVNO staff members (full and part-time), student workers and unpaid interns complete Title IX Sexual Harassment training on a yearly basis.

In 2019 UNO:
Title IX Sexual Harassment training is mandatory for all faculty, staff and students. The training is available by Firefly and must be completed every two years.


In 2018 KVNO:
A new Corporation for Public Broadcasting stipulation requires all KVNO staff members (full and part-time), student workers and unpaid interns complete Title IX Sexual Harassment training on a yearly basis.

In 2018 UNO and UNMC
Combined supervisory and other training into the Re-Imagining U courses that are now offered on campus in conjunction with UNMC. Courses focusing on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion include: Appreciating Difference, Safe Space Training, and Valuing People.


In 2017 UNO:
Title IX Sexual Harassment training is mandatory for all faculty, staff and students. The training is available by Firefly and must be completed every two years.








Procedures reviewed by Assistant General Manager / Program Director and Business Manager.

Procedures reviewed by Assistant General Manager / Program Director and Business Manager.

Procedures reviewed by Assistant General Manager / Program Director and Business Manager.

Procedures reviewed by General Manager and Business Manager.

Procedures reviewed by Assistant General Manager and Business Manager.