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Welcome to the KVNO Arts Calendar!

 — dedicated to promoting the growth and appreciation of the arts in the Omaha community.

Art Expo & Benefit and the Omaha Post-it Show

Radial Arts Center 5915 Maple St, Omaha, NE, United States

We want to invite the community to be a part of a celebration of art and artists during the Radial Arts Center's Annual Art Expo & Benefit and the Omaha Post-it Show!

This event is organized by the Radial Arts Center, a non-profit organization committed to developing and growing socially engaged practice within the cultural sector, promoting the professional sustainability of artists, and making more room for the Arts in the Benson Creative District.

Purchasing artwork at this event goes further than directly supporting local artists -- this ambitious fundraising event allows us to not only sustain our current programs but also dream bigger! With community support, we can:

1. Empower Emerging Creatives: Nurturing the next generation of artists by offering affordable studio space and mentorship programs. This includes our monthly exhibition program featuring local artists, our recently launched artist studios program, and our Emerging Artists Program, which focuses on building entrepreneurship skills for a sustainable creative practice.

2. Enrich Community Engagement: Facilitating community-accessible exhibitions, workshops, and lectures that foster a love for the arts.

3. Strengthen Collaborative Initiatives: Building bridges with artists, nonprofits, and arts organizations to provide a community space to create in the Benson Creative District.

Community participation and support ensures that the Radial Arts Center continues to empower emerging creatives and enrich community engagement through the arts. Together, let's make more room for the arts in Benson!


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