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Classical Kids Showcase

November 2023

Grace Alvarado-Llasaca

Grace, the KVNO Classical Kid for November, plays piano, violin and flute, and she also sings! She loves to bake, do crafts and work in the garden in her spare time.

October 2023

Passion Yu

Passion, our Classical Kid for the month of October, is homeschooled and studies cello, piano and composing at the Omaha Conservatory of Music. He has won a number of awards and scholarships for his performances on the cello.

September 2023

Leo Duda

Leo Duda is the KVNO Classical Kid for the month of September! Leo is 12 and attends St. Bernadette School. Leo plays the cello and French horn, and when he’s not doing that, he loves to read, trap-shoot and act in school plays. 

August 2023

Caleb Li

Caleb Li, our Classical Kid for August, is 8 and attends Aldrich Elementary School. He plays both piano and violin.

August 2023

Angie Kang

Angie Kang is 10 years old, and she plays piano and violin, plus she sings. She also plays tennis and loves to color.

June 2023

Ella Flaminio

Ella Flaminio is 10, homeschooled and plays the piano and trumpet and sings. She loves helping with music at her church and she helps her brothers and sisters learn music when she can.