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Classical Kids Showcase

May 2023

Vincent Pei

The KVNO Classical Kid for the month of May is Vincent Pei. Vincent is 8 years old and already excels on the piano. He feels proud that he can share his music with family and classmates. Congratulations Vincent!

April 2023

Jeremy Wang

Congratulations to our KVNO Classical Kid for the month of April, Jeremy Wang! Jeremy is 12 and attends Aldrich Elementary School. He plays violin and piano and is starting to compose his own works. He says his composition is a little “crazy and cool.”   

March 2023

Illyana Robinson

Congratulations to Illyanna Robinson, our KVNO Classical Kid for the month of March! Illyanna, who usually goes by Lilly, is 12 and attends St. Bernard’s. She plays piano, often for family, friends and at school, and she even composes, dedicating a work she wrote her mom. 

February 2023

James Murphy

James is 9 years old, homeschooled and he loves playing piano for others. James has won a $300 scholarship from the Soener Foundation, which he says he’ll use to continue piano lessons. plus a Classical Kid t-shirt and the famous Bach chicken socks.  

January 2023

Marty Si

Congratulations to Marty Si, our first KVNO Classical Kid for the new year! Marty is 10 and although he has been playing piano for over 4 years, he’s added many other instruments, such as guitar, drums and double bass, to his talents. Marty loves expressing his emotions when he plays, and he loves performing for family and friends.   

December 2022

Niles Zhang

KVNO congratulates Niles Zhang, our KVNO Classical for the month of December! Niles is 13 and is in the 7th grade at Millard North Middle School. He originally played piano and now also plays violin, alto sax and tenor sax – and says he loves music! He’s won a $300 scholarship from KVNO and the Soener Foundation in memory of Mary Belle Soener