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Classical Kids Showcase

July 2021

Rohan Abrams

Rohan always liked classical music and as a young child even pretended to conduct music with a pencil as a baton. He says he feels very free when he plays piano.

June 2021

Clara Welker

Clara is 13 and attends Kiewit Middle School. She and her family love to perform Christmas concerts for their friends and neighbors and invite them to join in.

May 2021

Nathanael Conner

Nathanael is 13 and is very advanced in playing the organ. He loves to play the organ at his father’s church and sometimes even plays the trombone there.

April 2021

Olive Lowe

Olive is 13 and loves playing cello because she can get lost in the sound her instrument makes. She particularly loves performing with other studnets.

March 2021

Luke Hengen

Luke loves to give family concerts for his parents and little sister. His grandfather passed away a few years ago, but Luke was able to perform and dedicate a song to him before he passed away.

February 2021

Grace Veit

Grace Veit is our February KVNO Classical Kid. She’s 14 and attends Kirn Middle School. Grace is serious about classical music and loves to listen to it and perform it.