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African Culture Connection. Image Provided per ACC

African Culture Connection. Image Provided per ACC

By Gabriel Escalera

‘African Culture Connection’ Rhythm, Dance And History

August 18th, 2023

The connection between African people, drumbeats and dancing is by far more than entertainment. There are over 3,000 tribes and languages in Africa. Each tribe has its own dance, but all of them have in common to dance to the drumbeat.

Charles Ahoviassi is the Artistic Director of The African Culture Connection here in Omaha. He has been playing the drums and dancing since he was four years old. His mother was a drummer and dancer going from one village to another, mostly in West Africa.

Once Ahoviassi knew he would make Omaha his home, he wanted to create a group that would educate more in-depth about drumming and dance.The African Culture Connection has been working with schools and many other organizations, teaching about African culture.

All the drums used in lectures were originally made in Africa, in the same old traditional way they have been made for centuries. The African Culture Connection with its royal and popular dancing is performing tomorrow over at Kiewit Luminarium Riverfront for the official RiverFront  Park Grand Opening with two performances at 1:30 and 3:30 pm.

For more information about this and future performances, you can visit African Culture Connection