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Anna Monardo. Photo by Chris Holtmeier Foton Foto

Anna Monardo. Photo by Chris Holtmeier Foton Foto

By Gabriel Escalera

‘After Italy’: The Upcoming Memoir by Anna Monardo

April 30th, 2024

Anna Monardo has been a dedicated faculty member at the UNO Writers’ Workshop for over 25 years. However, her contributions extend beyond the classroom as she is also a published author. Monardo’s passion for writing traces back to her earliest memories, igniting a lifelong commitment to storytelling.

In her literary portfolio, Monardo has crafted two books that showcase her narrative prowess. Her debut memoir, “The Courtyard of Dreams,” released in 1993, offers readers a semi-autobiographical exploration of her family’s migration journey. This deeply personal work delves into themes of identity, belonging, and the immigrant experience.

In 2006, Monardo presented readers with “Falling in Love with Natassia,” a departure from familial themes. This novel paints a vivid portrait of a dancer and her daughter, delving into the complexities of relationships and aspirations.

Currently, Monardo is poised to unveil another memoir that delves back into her family’s narrative, albeit from a fresh perspective. This upcoming release promises to captivate readers with its exploration of heritage, love, and resilience.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh amidst a vibrant community of American Italians, Monardo was immersed in a tapestry of rich storytelling. These narratives, deeply ingrained in her upbringing, continue to shape her creative endeavors. Her own family history, with roots stretching from America to Calabria in southern Italy, serves as a wellspring of inspiration for her writing.

In her forthcoming novel, Monardo delves into the topic of her parents’ arranged marriage, embarking on a journey to unravel its complexities and find avenues for healing. Through her exploration, she sheds light on the intricate processes of migration, immigration, and assimilation that span across generations.

“After Italy,” Monardo’s latest literary offering, is set to be released on May 14 of this year. More information about her work and upcoming release at Anna Monardo