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Standing Bear Cantata. Image Provided by Veronique Mathie.

Standing Bear Cantata. Image Provided by Veronique Mathie.

By Gabriel Escalera

Jerod Tate’s ‘Standing Bear Cantata’ at Saint Cecilia’s Cathedral

April 26th, 2024

This Sunday, the Cathedral Arts Project presents a concert featuring Jerod Tate, a Chickasaw classical composer and pianist. Tate’s renowned composition, “Standing Bear Cantata,” offers a poignant exploration of imagery and reflection, centered around the iconic Native American chief. Through evocative melodies and heartfelt arrangements, the Cantata follows Standing Bear’s poignant return to his ancestral lands to lay his son to rest.

Veronique Mathieu, one of the talented performers for this concert, promises to deliver a moving rendition of Tate’s masterpiece. This emotional composition transcends the traditional boundaries of Standing Bear’s history, offering an immersive musical experience for all.

The concert is a collaborative effort between the Cathedral Arts Project and Navo, a not-for-profit arts organization dedicated to organizing performances in the Midwest. Years in the making, this project brings together the best of artistic talent and cultural storytelling.

The Standing Bear Cantata comprises eight movements or “tabloids,” showcasing the depth and complexity of Tate’s composition. Mathieu’s previous performance of the Cantata in Lincoln, Nebraska, five years ago has left audiences eager for its return.

Join us at Saint Cecilia’s Cathedral this Sunday at 5 p.m. for an unforgettable musical experience. Admission is free to the public. For more information, visit: Standing Bear Cantata