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N. Lepo. Dilasphere. Image provided by Nancy Lepo

N. Lepo. Dilasphere. Image provided by Nancy Lepo

By Gabriel Escalera

Dot After Dot, an Artist’s Journey Unveils Stories

December 18th, 2023

Renowned artist Nancy Lepo’s artistic journey finds its roots in her earliest memories, where a fascination with drawing began. At first glance, her creations can deceive, appearing as high-definition monochrome photographs. Yet, Lepo’s remarkable pieces stem from a distinctive pen and ink technique called pointillism.

Her art is a testament to meticulous detailing and a masterful interplay of various shades of grey, utilizing the canvas’s white spaces to weave captivating visual narratives.

Despite lacking formal training, art has been an integral part of Lepo’s life, surrounded by diverse artistic influences. While she considers herself self-taught, her mother introduced her to fundamental techniques such as color blending, perception, and composition. However, Lepo found her artistic calling in a medium that demanded only a few tools, gradually immersing herself in its creation.

Currently showcasing her collection at the esteemed PACE Gallery in County Bluffs, Lepo’s artwork has transcended boundaries, reaching audiences far and wide. For those eager to delve into her captivating world, a visit to the PACE Gallery or Lepo’s social media profiles offers further insight and exploration.


Music by Pond.