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By Lindsay Tague

Giving Tuesday is Approaching

November 14th, 2023

SHARE Omaha offers opportunities to connect with metro nonprofits through donations, volunteering and shopping wish lists. Their open and inclusive platform amplifies the needs of the entire nonprofit community giving all organizations a chance to be seen and heard regardless of size, cause or budget.

Teresa Mardesen is the Executive Director at Share Omaha. She says the goal of the organization is truly just to give. Highlighting generosity and spreading positivity is a valued initiative Share Omaha takes.

The arts scene in Omaha is a vast community with many individuals involved. Share Omaha spotlights support for many art organizations within the community. Arts Organizations supported by Share Omaha do their part in giving back to the community, as well. 

Mardesen says supporting musical arts is important because of how it can impact an individual’s well-being. She also gives props to members of the community and their generosity towards the arts and learning more about these organizations. 

Giving Tuesday is the National Day of Giving, but Share Omaha is localizing this day, highlighting support towards Omaha organizations. 

Share Omaha’s Giving Tuesday will take place on Tuesday, November 28. To find out more about the organizations tied to Share Omaha, visit