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By Gabriel Escalera

Multigenerational Musical Journey at the 2024 Cathedral Flower Festival

January 26th, 2024

The musical journey for the Jeanpierre sisters, especially Nola, began at a young age when singing seemed to choose her rather than the other way around. Their mother, a singer herself, served as their first voice instructor.

Since then, Nola has actively engaged in singing, directing choirs, and even participated in the Show Wagons project, bringing entertainment to city parks. In her adult years, she studied at UNO under an Opara instructor, leading her to the opera scene in Omaha.

Nola, with her flower shop near the Omaha Cathedral, became involved in the annual flower festival. Initially joining for decorations, she eventually offered to perform. The positive response from the audience marked the beginning of her annual participation.

Carole, Nola’s daughter, received her initial training from her mother and later devoted herself to further preparation, harboring significant aspirations for her career.

The trio, known as DIVA3, comprising Nola, Carole, and granddaughter Elyssia Reschelle Finch, will perform at the Saint Cecilia Flower Festival. Nola has been part of this festival for 32 years, contributing to its legacy.

While Nola enjoys singing alongside her daughter and granddaughter, she emphasizes the importance of connecting with the audience. For more information about the Saint Cecilia Flower Festival this Sunday and DIVA3, you can visit: