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By Gabriel Escalera

OCM 2024: Fostering Musical Excellence And Engaging Children Early

January 24th, 2024

In the unfolding chapters of 2024, the Omaha Conservatory of Music (OCM) stands dedicated to fostering musical excellence. Gretchen Crane, the Community and Donor Engagement Manager at OCM emphasizes that amidst the diverse array of classes, engaging activities, and enriching events, the conservatory maintains its commitment to creating an environment where musical talents can flourish.

Recent changes within the organization have acted as catalysts for growth, propelling OCM toward new heights. Notably, OCM’s programs for children commence at an early age, including recently launched camps designed to offer engaging and educational experiences for the potential musicians of tomorrow.

However, OCM faces a minor challenge in determining the suitable age for children to partake in full-day camps, especially when they are as young as three years old— an age when some youngsters embark on their musical journey through programs like Sprouts.

Among the extracurricular offerings for all OCM students is the “Performance Club,” providing a comfortable platform for any student, regardless of their level, to showcase their musical talents before an audience.

For those interested in exploring more about “The Performance Club,” open mic opportunities, and music classes at OCM, further information can be found by visiting [website].