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By Gabriel Escalera

The Arts in Omaha

December 29th, 2023

In 2023, KVNO had the privilege to connect with numerous artists and organizations shaping Omaha’s lively arts scene. Despite Omaha’s mid-size status, its cultural sphere sparkles with creativity and grabs attention with its diversity.

Every day, these groups and artists pour their passion into enlivening every corner with entertainment and learning opportunities for folks of all ages, catering from the youngest kids to seasoned adults.

One standout is Omaha Performing Arts (O-PA), curating Broadway seasons, comedy gigs, music performances, and impactful outreach and educational programs. Aaron Gregory, a specialist in community and age groups, sheds light on O-PA’s exciting plans.

Over in the Benson area, the Benson Theater has emerged as a major success story, enhancing the already vibrant arts scene in that part of the city, as Beaufield Berry, the theater’s Marketing Manager, proudly asserts.

Meanwhile, Kimberly Faith Hickman, the artistic and education director for the McGuigan Arts Academy, has been leading efforts to integrate various art education programs, despite the academy being a relatively recent addition.

Discussing the abundant arts and cultural groups in Omaha could take ages, but believe me, this city’s arts scene is bustling with top-notch entertainment. And KVNO is dedicated to keeping Omaha updated on all these enriching happenings.