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Omaha Chamber Music Society. Photo provided by Juliet Yoshida

By Gabriel Escalera

Orchestral and Chamber Musicians in Omaha

December 22nd, 2023

Over the years, the Omaha Symphony has been a hub for musicians migrating from various states. These talented individuals didn’t just find a place to play music in Omaha; they found a community, weaving themselves into the vibrant artistic tapestry of the city.

Some musicians, driven by a desire to do more than perform on stage, have taken active roles in expanding the symphony’s engagement within the community. Their efforts stretch beyond the confines of concert halls, reaching out to broaden the impact of music.

Around 23 years ago, a seed of an idea sprouted in Thomas’s mind, leading to the inception of the Omaha Chamber Music Society. Starting from humble beginnings with concise lunchtime concerts once a month, the society has flourished into a summer series drawing sizable crowds of up to 1,200 attendees per season. Its influence has also stretched beyond its origins, hosting concerts in diverse locations.

Wise, a significant figure in this musical realm, portrays chamber music concerts as informal and engaging experiences. Attendees often find themselves privy to added insights about the music and the musicians, creating a more immersive encounter.

For those eager to explore the offerings of the Omaha Chamber Music Society throughout the year, more information and details about their concerts can be found by visiting: and