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By Lindsay Tague

Omaha Author Publishes New Novel

November 28th, 2023

Theodore Wheeler is a writer, bookseller, and college professor from Omaha. He is author of the novels In Our Other Lives and Kings of Broken Things, and the collection of short fiction Bad Faith

Wheeler is a highly accomplished author, receiving numerous awards, including being honored with the National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship. Through all this success, Wheeler credits literature with being a lifelong passion. 

Wheeler’s love for writing and literature has followed him through to his professional life. On November 14, Wheeler released his newest novel, The War Begins in Paris, giving credit to his background playing into the genre of this story. 

The inspiration for The War Begins in Paris started to be conceptualized by Wheeler about a decade ago. Being inspired by this reporters’ life, Wheeler created and wrote a unique story to share with readers.

Honoring the journalists that work in good faith for the betterment of society is a thought that was constant with Wheeler as he wrote The War Begins in Paris. To find out more about Wheeler and his publications, visit