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Omaha Fringe Festival 2023. Image provided by Clay Naff

Omaha Fringe Festival 2023. Image provided by Clay Naff

By Gabriel Escalera

Omaha Fringe Festival 2023

July 28th, 2023

Theater Fringe Festivals have been around since 1947, in Edinburg, Scotland. It all started when eight artists, not invited to perform at an arts festival, showed up anyway and performed on the fringes.

Since then, many have gathered every year at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to produce and experience the art of every genre. The Fringe Festival was successfully extended to other countries, according to the World Fringe website, there are over 250 festivals in countries from Europe, Africa, Asia, and America.

Clay Naff is a Playwright and producer from Lincoln. His recent work “Mix and Machinate” is debuting at the fourth annual Omaha Fringe Festival coming up next month. This year, the Omaha Fringe Festival will feature 20 different artists and all their productions.

Naff started to write “Mix and Machinate ” about a year ago, and he brought up some personal experiences from his career in this play. For example, when he first arrived in Lincoln 25 years ago and worked at a radio station. He has been writing for many years, but the last time he wrote for theater was about 40 years ago.

The Omaha Fringe Festival runs from August 10 through the 13. “Mix and Machinate” debuts on August 11.  People can buy a festival pass for 75 dollars, or pick and choose. Each performance is $10. For more about the plays and producers you can visit: