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By Gabriel Escalera

Compassion and Curiosity Dr. Mark Gilbert (Part One)

December 6th, 2021

OMAHA-The support of the family members and caregivers capable of helping and providing basic care for the elderly is a primary need for society. In the last two years, many had learned to take care of someone battling Covid and health care workers held the hand of some dying because of the coronavirus while nobody else might.

Dr. Mark Gilbert Associate Professor at the College of Communications, Fine arts, and Media at UNO is an artist and a researcher. The father of Gilbert cared for his dying wife after fighting dementia. Dr. Gilbert’s father an artist in Glasgow Scotland captured the last days of his wife in portraits, Gilbert’s mother was a key component of his artistic carrier.

Gilbert painted, drew, and photographed patients during illness, surgery, and recovery. This series “Saving Faces” was exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London. After that, another great opportunity came for him, he became the artist-in-residence at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Gilbert produced another series called “Here I am and Nowhere Else: Portraits of Care”

Over the years and with the distinctive work he confirmed for himself and others, the close connection between science and arts, specifically in this case of painting while caring for others. When people have the means, portraits, or other types of art they capture a wave of indescribable feelings and emotions.