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Scherzo: A Blog from the Hosts of KVNO

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March 24th, 2023

Morning Classics Top Ten

I love melodies…and guitars…

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February 27th, 2023

Catching up with a Classical Kid

At KVNO, we’ve honored many Classical Kids over the years. Sometimes I wonder, what are some of them doing now?

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February 10th, 2023

The Remarkable Parka

I recently said good-bye to an old friend. A warm, wrap-around friend who was always able to comfort me to the core in the harshest times. I gave away my North Dakota parka.

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February 4th, 2023

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

I am all about Health and Wellness. Isn’t it obvious? I try to eat healthy at all times—even if some people I know have advised me that it’s better to […]

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