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November 28th, 2022

‘Primero’ by Raymundo at RBR Gallery

Bryan Raymundo started college intending to be a physical therapist, taking a selective class, Intro to printmaking, which changed Raymundo’s path.

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November 18th, 2022

AM Ballet’s largest production

For the American Midwest Ballet here in council bluffs, the production of “The Nutcracker” takes almost the entire year. It is American Midwest Ballet’s greatest production.

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November 11th, 2022

The ‘Choral Collaborative’ and Carmina Burana

A massive choir along with the Omaha Symphony is getting ready once again to present the choral masterpiece, Carmina Burana.

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November 9th, 2022

Full swing of Broadway shows

Carly Ann Moore grew up in Lincoln and by absolute chance, she ended up working with Harrison another Nebraska native, on this Broadway production.

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November 7th, 2022

RBR Gallery dedicated to making fine print art

John Rogers, executive director of RBR G, believes that here in Omaha there are plenty of galleries showing painted art but almost no gallery allows Fine print Art artist to show their work.

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October 28th, 2022

Weekend full of entertainment at PACE

This weekend we can take the flashlight tour at the fourth-floor gallery of the Pottawattamie Arts, Culture & Entertainment or PACE in Council Bluffs.

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October 17th, 2022

EL Museo Latino, colorful exhibits and ‘Día de Los Muertos’

El Museo Latino has an extensive collection of “Huipiles,” paintings and prints on display until the end of the year.

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October 12th, 2022

Broadway season at the Orpheum

Music and dancing with for the first Broadway of the 2022-23 season at Omaha Performing Arts

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October 4th, 2022

Opera and Bagels

Gallery 1516 presents; ‘Bagels and Sometimes Bach’ performance in collaboration with Opera Omaha.

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